Registration, Insurance and Billing Information:

It is our policy and a requirement that you bring a valid State or Government issued form of identification such as a State issued Driver’s License or a valid and current Passport. We also ask that you bring your insurance card even if this is a returning visit to ensure that we have the most recent and up to date information in our system. Bringing this information with you will ensure a more efficient process and will decrease the need for a family member to return with this information. The Preop Nurse may instruct you to leave your valuables at home, but this does not include your payment method, ID, insurance card and/or glasses if needed to read legal forms.


You will receive multiple phone calls from different Surgery Center departments prior to your surgery date. One of these calls will be from the Insurance Verification Department. You will only receive this call if we are informed by your insurance that you owe a co-pay or a large deductible. We will call as far in advance as we can to provide you with the maximum amount of time to plan for this expense. If money is due on the day of service, payment is accepted by money order, cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard, or cash. Please have the exact amount because we do not have change. The Surgery Center does not accept personal or credit card checks.