Physician Directory

Credentialed physicians as of (1-28-2020). You may wish to contact The Surgery Center for the most updated list by utilizing our email address on this website”

Name Specialty City Phone
Alwattar, Basil Orthopedics Oakland 510-451-6266
Armbruster, Thomas Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Ault, Jennifer Pain Management Berkeley 510-204-8140
Barme, Gregory Urology Berkeley 510-848-1727
Begossi, Giovanni General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Broderick-Villa, Gregory General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Caldwell, Kenneth Surgical Assistant Oakland 510-663-7700
Cardon, Lamont Orthopedics Berkeley 510-540-6800
Chan, Mark Pain Management Oakland 510-835-0235
Chang, David S. Orthopedics Oakland 510-834-2276
Chang, David Sangook Plastic Surgery San Francisco 415-565-6884
Chao, Kenneth Radiation Oncology Pleasant Hill 925-771-8377
Chen, Christopher J. Orthopedics Berkeley 510-647-1200
Chen, Jaclyn Urology Oakland 510-204-8168
Cheng, Ernest Pain Management Oakland 510-647-5101
Chin, Douglas Plastic Surgery Oakland 510-451-6950
Consorti, Eileen General Surgery Berkeley 510-848-1800
Corey, Christina ENT Berkeley 510-845-4500
Daane, Stephen Plastic Surgery San Francisco 415-561-0542
Distefano, James Orthopedics Alameda 510-522-6637
Donthineni, Rakesh Orthopedics Oakland 510-594-9411
Drbal, Nicholas Podiatry Oakland 510-204-6699
Drury, Bernard ENT Emeryville 510-806-2100
Edwards, Sara Orthopedics San Francisco 415-923-3029
Eliasieh, Kasra Opthalmology Oakland 510-763-0881
Elrashidy, Hany Orthopedics Dublin 925-362-2166
Eppley, Robert Orthopedics Berkeley 510-704-7760
Falsafi, Sassan ENT Lafayette 925-299-9919
Fong, Juon-Kin Orthopedics Oakland 510-834-1742
Gormezano, Glen Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Hite, Brian Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Hoffman, Anthony Podiatry Oakland 510-832-4197
Horn, Allan J. Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Horoupian, Rupert General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Hou, Andrew Pain Management Oakland 510-486-2300
Hsieh, Jing Plastic Surgery Berkeley 510-845-5170
Huey, Jonathan Podiatry Berkeley 510-849-3800
Kahn, Richard Plastic Surgery Oakland 510-451-5700
Kaplan, Jerold Orthopedics Berkeley 510-704-4064
Kim, Teresa General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Kornguth, David Radiation Oncology San Francisco 415-541-0800
Koseoglu, Selim Orthopedics Walnut Creek 925-278-6631
Kurtzman, Steven Radiation Oncology San Ramon 925-487-0455
Kwan-Feinberg, Rita General Surgery Berkeley 510-204-8168
Kwok-Oleksy, Christina Podiatry Oakland 510-628-8477
Lankford, Dawud Urology Oakland 510-465-5800
Lavigna, Richard Podiatry Oakland 510-465-3668
Lee, Chi Urology Berkeley 510-848-1727
Lewis, William B. ENT Emeryville 510-806-2100
Li, Tsuan ENT Berkeley 510-845-4500
Liu, Rock General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Lo, Timothy Pain Management Oakland 510-647-5101
Mann, Jeffrey Orthopedics Oakland 510-422-5150
Mann, Roger Orthopedics Oakland 510-451-6266
Masem, Mathias Orthopedics Oakland 510-763-0884
Moon, Andrew Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Murray, Michael ENT San Jose 408-227-6300
Murthy, Anjali Orthopedics Berkeley 510-704-7760
Oberlin, Daniel Urology Berkeley 510-848-1727
Pan, Shu Urology Oakland 510-465-5800
Park, Michael Pain Management Oakland 510-463-4700
Peatman, Thomas Orthopedics Oakland 510-238-1200
Pienkny, Andrew J. Urology Berkeley 510-848-1727
Piser, Joel Urology Berkeley 510-848-1727
Pugh, George Surgical Assistant Oakland 510-422-5150
Rejai, Sepehr Pain Management Berkeley 510-204-8140
Richards, Joshua Orthopedics Oakland 510-238-1200
Ross, Phillip Urology Oakland 510-204-8168
Roth, Kevin Orthopedics Berkeley 510-486-2300
Seslar, Jon-Paul Podiatry Berkeley 510-647-3567
Shen, Timothy C. Pain Management Berkeley 510-836-1700
Silkiss, Rona Opthalmology Oakland 510-763-0881
Simms-Edwards, Erin ENT Oakland 510-465-0941
Stanten, Steven General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Stuffmann, Eric Orthopedics Dublin 925-556-7320
Talarico, Ross Podiatry Oakland 510-486-2300
Tang, Gordon Spine/Neurosurgery Berkeley 510-841-8700
Taylor, Scott Orthopedics Oakland 510-238-9600
Thuillier, Daniel Surgical Assistant Oakland 415-353-9872
Upadhyay, Ajay General Surgery Oakland 510-465-5523
Welborn, John Orthopedics Pinole 510-724-4600
Welty, Christopher Urology Oakland 510-465-5800
Wen, Chih-Hsin Charles Urology Oakland 510-465-5800
Woo, Laura E. Anesthesia Oakland 510-547-2244
Yan, Qingwei Robert Urology Oakland 510-238-1238
Yu, Rebecca Orthopedics Berkeley 510-540-6800
Zwahlen, Brad Orthopedics Berkeley 510-704-7760